Take a camera with you

#colour #tip
High contrast image with long shades made by two banners, and the shadow of a person talking on the phone while their water rests on the floor.

Although this is somewhat a cliché in photography, it always amazes me how many interesting photographs you can find close to where you live. Since the pandemic, I have been mostly shooting close to our home and I always find something new to photograph, or I see something old in a new way that I feel compelled to capture.

Today’s post is a photo I took on my way to the supermarket, just a couple minutes from where I am writing this. It is probably not my best image, but there is something interesting on the huge shades made by the supermarket’s banners and the gesture of that person standing there, probably talking on the phone while their water waits on the floor.

Take a camera with you and be surprised by what you see.