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Let me start by giving you a warm welcome to my new blog!

You may be asking yourself:

You were on social media, then stopped posting all of the sudden, and now you open a blog? In 2022??

The short answer to that is… well, yes. The long answer is too long for a blog post, so I will keep my best to give you an answer without boring you immediately.

For a long time I have felt disenchanted by social media: Instagram is full of ads, algorithms that hide the content you want to see to show you more ads, and videos are the main content there nowadays. Twitter is a bit better in some senses, but way worse in others, also, photography is not a priority for them. There are some alternatives but are either too niche or I don’t see myself using them right now. I hope things change but I want to publish my photos now and out of the Big Tech.

Of the remaining options, using a website and blog to publish my work is the one that satisfied me the most. It would let me add the photos I feel like, at a reasonable pace, and I would have complete control of the platform. Knowing how to code also offered me a nice personal project, with hindsight one that I didn’t have enough time for, and this is why it is taking me so much to get everything up and running.

As you can see, things are starting to move now, and I hope I will start posting more work in the upcoming weeks and months. If you want to know when there are updates, there is an RSS feed that you can use on Feedly, your browser or other news applications. I will also start a newsletter soon (will let you know once that is done).

Finally, I would like to thank you for your patience and interest, and I hope you visit again soon.